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Why I Use Practice Incentives

This is sometimes a controversial subject, but in my studio, I give practice incentives to my young piano students. I'm convinced that if a student is practicing consistently, it boosts their confidence, their skills improve and as a result, their piano playing improves. I believe practicing the piano is a habit that is developed over time, one that is nurtured and fostered. Because of this, I try to focus on positive reinforcement to practice in my studio, so that's where the incentives come in. If a student has practiced a minimum of five days prior to their next lesson, they are able to pick something out from the "prize drawer." In this drawer, I have simple items like, an assortment of pencils, sticker sheets, erasers, etc. These are things that are inexpensive and children love them. Overall, this little program has been very positive. I think it really helps with stimulating the younger students to practice and ultimately this helps us have a more successful lesson.

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