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Take Care

During these times, most of us are concerned for others, such as our students, friends and our family. I think it's important to take a moment and think about how we are taking care of our own selves to try and stay positive, healthy, calm and in balance. I have gleaned some information from some wellness experts and also things in my already existing routine that helps me. Here is my list:


Cooking and eating nourishing meals

Eating as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible

Drinking a lot of water

Drinking teas like hibiscus, rose, green and chamomile

Long walks in nature

Growing flowers and vegetables in the garden

Listening to music and watching music videos that feed my soul

Facetime, calls, texts with loved ones

My aromatherapy diffuser and diffusing essential oils like lavendar, cedarwood and any type of "sleep blends."

Joining in on the free Yoga and dance videos on social media

Livestream church services

Staying informed, but limiting my news watching

Watching videos that make me laugh

Watching videos of creative people create, such as painters, composers and choreographers

Reading some books from my favorite authors

You may have other things that you do for yourself that helps you. I hope you find this helpful and take care.


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