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Elisa's Studio Mission and Vision

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the importance of music and the arts in general. One of the many things that has been helping me through this time is actually the arts in general. I have found myself indulging in music (playing and listening to), watching music and dance videos and documentaries, and just watching people create. This realization enhances my belief that what I'm doing, teaching music, is important. It holds value and it contributes to society as a whole, not only in tough times, but in everyday life. As a teacher, I feel that the arts not only nurtures community, it brings joy to people's lives, whether they're a participant or an audience member. In my February newsletter, I made a list of some of the reasons why I teach music and the importance of it to me:

It enhances the student's lives and the lives of others

It is a positive way to express oneself

It can help build confidence and self-esteem

It exposes the student to history

It makes life more enjoyable

I'm also reminded of my vision and mission statements that I wrote at the beginning of this year. They still apply, whether I'm teaching in my traditional manner or online teaching.


Elisa's Studio seeks to provide a platform for students to be educated in the music and performing arts field. I aim to do this by providing an opportunity to express themselves by helping them build an expansive musical repertoire and also providing performance opportunities.


Elisa's Studio aspires to inspire lives through learning about and experiencing the joy, art, beauty and creativity of music.

I wrote this blog as a gentle reminder that what we do as teachers, artists, musicians, dancers and creatives, is essential, keep going.



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