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My Dream Role

I spent this past weekend in board meetings all day Saturday and all day Sunday for a dance organization that I'm a part of. I was grateful for the opportunity to do this work. As usual, I learned a lot. I was able to get introspective and think about my role within this particular organization. In addition, this experience caused me to be a little reflective and think about my own business and what I would like my role as a teacher/musician/artist advocate to be. I've already written about the importance of music, music lessons and the participation of the arts in general however, this time I'd like to imagine what I think is my role in this realm may be and also should be.

My dream role is:

1. Someone who assists in redefining what it means to be an "artist." In my opinion, an "artist," shouldn't necessarily mean that you have to go to college for and pursue it as a career to be given the title of "artist." Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that, it's a good thing to study your craft and get educated, I myself have a music degree and pursued it as a career. I just think anyone who creates "art" can be considered an "artist."

2. Someone who supports adding art in everyday life. To me, this can mean, listening to music, watching a dance film, playing your favorite song on the piano, etc.

3. Someone who nurtures discovery. I get a kick out of my students composing their own little pieces or listening to a song on the radio and trying to play it. I want to be someone who encourages this without judgement and allow them to freely express themselves.

4. Someone who guides and mentors. Sometimes I prefer these terms over "teacher" because it shifts the responsibility of learning to the "learner." It's more of a shared engagement.

5. Someone who shares resources with my fellow music teachers. I have gained so much from my other colleagues who are also piano teachers. Instead of thinking as each one of us as competition, it has more beneficial for the field in general for us to cultivate relationships and support each other.

Moving forward, I will probably add to my dream role list, I'm just getting started.


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