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Prior years, I have always started the year off with my visions, goals and intentions that I would want to work on, accomplish and achieve for the year. I would do this to help craft a vision for my personal and career life. I have already written down my plans for 2021, however, I would like to add to my approach this year. My goals this year are shaped around my word. I think my word will help keep things in perspective for me and remind me what's really important.

My word for 2021 is LOVE. Here are my reasons:

I love music.

I love what I do.

I love my students.

I love the arts.

I love learning.

We need more love in the world.

Love leads to passion.

Passion leads to creativity.

Creativity shapes the world as it moves forward.

Love leads to empathy.

Empathy leads to a more sympathetic, caring and loving society.

I also decided that I want words within the word LOVE to also consider and give attention to.

Loving, living, learning

Openness, optimism, opportunity

Vision, value, vibrant, victorious

Evolving, effective, encouraging, enjoying

This will remain in my planners as a daily to reminder for me. My word of the year will also be prominently displayed in my studio.

I'm excited about this and what this new year may bring!

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