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Crush Those Goals! How I Plan to Achieve My 2021 Music Goals

Here is my action plan for achieving my 2021 music goals:

Write my goals down and keep it in a visible place. I have my music goals written in my planners and it's also displayed in my studio. This way, I can refer to them often.

I will work on my music goals each week. I will focus on a specific task that relates to a particular goal and schedule it in my planner. For example: One of my music goals is to learn "Desire, Opus 57, No.1" by Alexander Scriabin. So I would schedule specific parts that I will study in my planner: "On Tuesday, work on the first line of the piece."

Attack my music goals in small chunks. When I am learning a more challenging piece of music, it helps me to work it out by going measure-by-measure, little by little. This way, I don't let the size of the goal intimidate me.

It's constructive for me to list and think about what I have already accomplished. This reminds me that I'm capable of doing hard things! I wrote some of my 2020 list of accomplishments right next to this years' goals, and this has benefited me so far.

Take a break! Challenging myself at all times of the day doesn't work for me. Mental breaks and downtime is necessary. It's okay to practice an old skill, rest and do something that doesn't have anything to do with obtaining my goals. This is anything that brings me joy. For me that means, crafts, walks, gardening, etc. Then I'm ready to work on tackling that goal again!

I need to listen! Listening to a professional recording or even a "nonprofessional" who's playing and/or interpretation that I like, motivates me.

I won't allow setbacks to discourage me. I will keep moving forward in completing my music goals, no matter what!

I will "assess" myself periodically, maybe quarterly to see how I'm managing my music goals.

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