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My 2020 Lessons

Did you look at this title and immediately get turned off? If you did, I wouldn't blame you. Needless to say, this year has been challenging to say the least. It has been tough! Many of us are dealing with so much this year, individually and as a nation. Some of us are being stretched in ways that we haven't been stretched before. As a nation, we are dealing with a devastating pandemic and the effects of that, which has resulted in a tremendous loss of life, grief, job loss and sickness for many. Concurrently, I also think that we are having to come to terms with what I believe is a second wave of a Civil Rights Movement here in the States. Because of 2020 and it's many challenges, I have learned several lessons. I have a changed focus and shift for crafting my teaching vision and a greater emphasis on what is ultimately important to me.

My 2020 lessons helped me to remember:

1. I truly believe the Arts/Cultural/Humanity field helps people love themselves a little more.

2. I need to be willing to continue to provide a safety net for my students. I think music lessons should be fun and especially now it can provide an escape for them.

3. I want to continue to mentor and foster that next generation.

4. Big changes start at local levels. I want to focus on the sphere of influence that I have.

5. As a Black woman, the importance of representation and it's meaning has played a greater role in my life this year. Representation matters!

6. At times, I need to recognize that I may need to simplify.

7. In 2020, I was constantly reminded that a "one-size-fits-all" policy does not work, even if learning styles are the same.

8. I am convinced that access to quality music education is essential.

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